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Build Empires, Destroy galaxies, for Galactic Conquest. Build giant and long lasting empires to rule anyone opposing you in wars against each other to achieve galactic conquest against all odds. Destroy galaxies of your opponents or you can go back in time and bring dinosaurs back to life and use them to your advantage against your enemies.

There are 25 different unit types starting in Landwars but later on, will be adding more to reach the original 141 units and far more including expanding to space! We'll be including time machines, dinosaurs and eventually expanding to the space era!

An Indie MMORTS with an unfair approach to balance.

In Landwars you can gather hoard of resources to gain an unfair advantage over your enemies. The longer you've been playing for, the more resources you have, the stronger you are, And you take that full advantage into battles set in a massive persistent world.

Developer Info

Website: http://rankupgames.weebly.com

Contact: rankupgames16@gmail.com

Game Info

Name: Landwars


Status: In Development

Description: Time travel themed hex-tile MMORTS

Platform: Planned for Steam & Browser, Soon for Windows, Mac, & Linux!

Website: http://www.landwarsgame.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/landwarsgame

Developer Blog: http://rankupgames.weebly.com/blog

Development: Started January 2017

Pre-Alpha: March 2017

Landwars is an SI-FI Time Travel themed massive multiplayer online real time strategy (MMORTS) game.

You begin with a single Explorer, thrown back in time to a safe green valley surrounded by mountains. You collect resources, build technology, and create armies to conquer new lands.

The game is set in a 2D hexagon tiled universe, divided into separate realms. Each realm can be a mountain valley, a large island or even a whole ocean with many new types of realm planned for the future. This structure allows all players to be in the same universe (no shards), but for the game to be scalable, with realms hosted on separate server instances.

There will be 25 Units & Building but soon there will be more added and surpass the original 137 from ironfell (Archers, Farmers, Pirate Ships, Velociraptors) in Landwars. The current units cover the high middle ages, Victorian England.

Landwars is completely self-funded and Rank Up Games will be looking for additional investment methods or options to keep the game up and running as well as pump more content that can keep players happy.

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