Landwars Dev Log: 5/31/2017

Landwars Dev Log:

Let's start off with Landwars on its progress so far! Here's the list before we explain each feature;

  • - Added Network Connection Check
  • - Added Menu settings.
  • - Added Feedback section in the main menu.
  • - Bugs & Fixes 

Now when your loading up the game before you log in it checks your network connection makes things better! Once you're passed the network check you can move on with the settings which redirect you to the feedback section as we don't have any setting you can mess around with. 

Also, you can open things smoothly. Soon enough we will have a better interface as we aren't quite sure how the main menu will look like. For sure we will keep testing and add as much as we can over this summer!

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Jun 01, 2017


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