War In Arms Content Update Version 0.7.1: What's new!

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WIA Framework Version 0.7.1: What's new!
- Added Auto login system when using a device or Rank Up Account!
- ‎Added Saving Data & Loading Data. (BETA FEATURE)
- ‎Added saving username and password to a device. (BETA FEATURE
- ‎Added Weapons Tree (BETA FEATURE)
- ‎Added Server Status Text.
- ‎Added cases opening & buying tab. (BETA FEATURE
- Overhauled Welcome Screen
- Overhauled The Weapons Section
- Overhauled Player Profile Section
- Overhauled Settings Manager
- Overhauled Player Controller
- Overhauled Game Manager & Match Manager

Changed: - ‎Changed panels to a darker color.
- Changed game intro sequence

- Removed Settings Support | Player Controls (Temporary)

Bug's & Fixes:
- Fixed lobby wait timer
- Fixed lobby creation. - Fixed player Info screen
- Fixed Welcome Menu buttons
- Fixed the settings tab resizing window issue.
- ‎Fixed settings music mute not working.
- ‎Fixed settings music adjustment not working.
- ‎Fixed network issues & increased Max CCU to the database.
- ‎Fixed Crashing Issues to certain devices (needs testing)
- Fixed Fading between Scenes

If you find any bugs or errors, please email support@rankupgames.com or use the bug reports text channel.

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